K TWO goes to Benin at the Cotonou Couleur Jazz Festival December 2-4


nicoleseiler_ktwo_04_guillaumeperretCompagnie Nicole Seiler
performance, 2007, duration varies

K Two is an improvised performance based on the character of Madame K (multimedia choreographic solo 2004). Two dancers or more explore the limits of the movements of video game characters executed by human bodies. As in street performances, this piece plays out the video game and the two individuals captured inside it in a public space.
In Benin, local dancers will perform the piece. They will be auditioned by Kylie Walters, who will then teach them the choreography.
Nicole Seiler will join them in Benin for the performances.

concept and choreography: Nicole Seiler
in collaboration with Kylie Walters

performance : Kylie Walters
Anne Delahaye
Dominique Godderis Chouzenoux
Sun-Hye Hur
Nicole Seiler
YoungSoon Cho Jaquet

costume design: Claude Rueger

tour manager: mm – Michaël Monney

photos: Guillaume Perret K Two

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